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Calculate the number of days between two dates in C#

Simple way to Calculate the date the separtates two dates .

DateTime date1 = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1), date2 = DateTime.Now;
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).TotalDays);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).TotalHours);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).TotalMinutes);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).TotalSeconds);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).TotalMilliseconds);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).Days);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).Hours);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).Minutes);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).Seconds);
Console.WriteLine((date1 - date2).Milliseconds);

The difference between TotalDays and Days .
TotalDays return double the exact different .
Days return the different .