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Implementing Custom Log4Net using AdoNetAppender and simple Wrapper with Asp.Net Mvc

Assalamo Alikom This post comes after a quite long pause, but I found this very useful article which encouraged me to write in this topic. In this post i will Illustrate how to make Wrapper class(mimic structure, but simply hide complexity/advanced/unwanted functionality) to manage Log4net Classes in an manageable and easy way . First Log4Net […]

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How To Assign Data To All Models Objects And Pass Common Data To View

First let’s answer this question. In what order are filters executed in MVC? Answer 1) Authorization filters. 2) Action filters. 3) Response filters. 4) Exception filters. We will talk about Action Filters We will find 4 override method when inherits this class “System.Web.Mvc.ActionFilterAttribute” and there order on execution is. OnActionExecuting OnActionExecuted OnResultExecuting OnResultExecuted In […]

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Make Cascade Dropdownlist MVC with Json

We are as programmers needs always to fill Dropdownlist with values or keys selected from other Dropdownlist we can achieve this by meany ways, in this post i will use and Json to fill Dropdownlist by values selected from Database . Let us start. 1) Make new application type MVC. 2) Put this […]

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