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“Robocopy” Robust File and Folder Copy.

I faced in my work that they want to make Backup for my project processed files.
“Backup issue for large number of files” and has avery huge size .
Let me describe my case.
I have source directory that is about 2 TB and the destination has already a lot of this file ,
So i was asked to make tool to handle the backup between the project files that is continuously,
Changes and has new files always and the backup folder.

Issues that i faced
1 ) have a source directory with more than sub folders .
2 ) number and size of these files are very huge ,
that causes my tool to stop working before even starts to copy .
3) my coping over is network and many time the connection goes down .

It was headache when i searched the internet and found this marvelous tool .
It comes with win7 and win Server and it resolved all my problems .
1 ) It is CMD
2 ) very easy to use
3 ) has many option that can resolve most of my needs
her is the code

ROBOCOPY "source" "Destinantion\Backup" /E /XO
// this cmd will copy all files from source to destination and will not overide existing
//files unless i copy anwer version

ROBOCOPY "source" "Destinantion\Backup" /S /XO

// /E : Copy Subfolders, including Empty Subfolders.
// /S : Copy Subfolders.
// /XO Excludes older files.n

robocopy [>[ …]] []

here is some references
ROBOCOPY.exe (XP Resource Kit/Standard Windows 7 command)