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Sql Server 2008 Query Designer Toolbar-Edit Data Without Update Statement

In this post i will talk about “Query Designer Toolbar“.
It is one of the coolest feature that i see on SQL.

First :  we will talk about how to show it.

showing toolBar

Second :    how to use it .


This will show the result grid Editable (can edit the data on the flay).


Now to start using the Cool features of the “Query Designer Toolbar“.

Let’s Get Started

1 ) We will activate the “The Show SQL Pane”

and the result as shown.


This pane can make write my own query with any Condition i want.


Means that i can write any query that i want and it will show in the result pane and i can edit The result data with out need to write additional update Queries 

2 ) The Change Type  “DropDownList” 

Contains a very nice tools that can speed up the developer to perform many tasks that takes a lot of time from home .

1) Insert Results…


Just choose the table that you want to insert the data into.


And we can the that the Insert statement Created automatic with my where condition.


2 ) Update


3 ) Insert Values


4 ) Make Table