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Visual Studio 2012 JavaScript Snippet JQuery (ready function)

I will show today a simple snippet to make JQuery Document Ready function Expansion SnippetFile1 ELMansy Jready Put this code in a text file name it “Jquery_Decleration.snippet” And put it under the path of you visual studio Snippets folder “C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Code Snippets\JavaScript\My Code Snippets” Note this snippet apply for VS2012 You May download from […]

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Visual C# Code Snippets vs2012 (Make Function Snippet)

This is my code for the Snippet file to make a function . Expansion Mansy_Func ELMansy Mansy_Func RetuenType RetuenType RetuenType MyFunction MyFunction MyFunction

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Visual C# Code Snippets vs2012

This is the my first post on C# Code Snippet. Code Snippets is a very handy feature inside Visual Studio there is of course defulat code snippets like, “try,for,foreach,do,enum” i found them very helpful. The cool thing is that you can create your Owen Snippet. First : where to found visual studio snippet “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio […]

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