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Using information_schema to get all columns name and data types

Hi all and here we are again with one of the interesting SQL “information_schema” in this post we will talk about “information_schema.columns” it’s avery interisting view it containes all the data for the tables columns on your DataBase Here is a list of the column in “information_schema.columns” TABLE_CATALOG,TABLE_SCHEMA,TABLE_NAME,COLUMN_NAME ORDINAL_POSITION,COLUMN_DEFAULT,IS_NULLABLE,DATA_TYPE CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH,CHARACTER_OCTET_LENGTH,NUMERIC_PRECISION,NUMERIC_PRECISION_RADIX NUMERIC_SCALE,DATETIME_PRECISION,CHARACTER_SET_CATALOG,CHARACTER_SET_SCHEMA CHARACTER_SET_NAME,COLLATION_CATALOG,COLLATION_SCHEMA,COLLATION_NAME DOMAIN_CATALOG,DOMAIN_SCHEMA,DOMAIN_NAME and now […]

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How To Get Column Name Only Without Data In SQL Server

In my daily work I always needs to know Table Structure or Column Names . I usually use “sp_help TableName” To Get alot of information about table. now i will introduce another Way to do That. SET FMTONLY off Select * from Table — This In The Top of your Query Will Get Only Column […]

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