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Implementing Custom Log4Net using AdoNetAppender and simple Wrapper with Asp.Net Mvc

Assalamo Alikom This post comes after a quite long pause, but I found this very useful article which encouraged me to write in this topic. In this post i will Illustrate how to make Wrapper class(mimic structure, but simply hide complexity/advanced/unwanted functionality) to manage Log4net Classes in an manageable and easy way . First Log4Net […]

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Using Log4net for logging with and MVC log into SQL Table

I will write this article to show how to use Log4net with MVC. First you need to read about Log4net And for shower log4net is one of the best solutions for logging. Now let us start 1) Download the Dlls from the site. 2) Add reference to it into your project. 3) Create The table […]

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