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How to make fixed length digit

this is one of the easy posts for me i will talk about how to fixed length digit . means i have column stored in the DB and i want to show hime with fiexd lenght like “00001 or 00123” that is pretty much easy using one of the sql functions Called STUFF this function […]

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Sql Server 2008 Query Designer Toolbar-Edit Data Without Update Statement

In this post i will talk about “Query Designer Toolbar“. It is one of the coolest feature that i see on SQL. First :  we will talk about how to show it. Second :    how to use it . This will show the result grid Editable (can edit the data on the flay). Now […]

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SQL SERVER–Comma Separated Values From Table Column

This T-SQL query will get value of  Table  Column in comma separated string — declare variable to hold data and set it to null declare @Countries varchar(max)=null SELECT @Countries = COALESCE(@Countries + ‘,’, ”) + ”” + s.Name + ”” FROM HumanResources.Shift s select @Countries — Result : ‘Day’,’Evening’,’Night’

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